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Story Starter – Sundown

Hey Writer!

This is an actual story starter. Simply take what’s here and finish the story. Remember, you can change the names or any elements you like to make the story uniquely yours. The purpose of a story starter is to get you writing by finishing something that already has an opening. Continue reading

Creative Writing Exercise – Alien Checkers

You’re abducted by aliens, but instead of poking and prodding you, they merely want to play a game of checkers.

Continue reading

Creative Writing Exercise – Fishing Bear

This could be a good description piece.
A bear keeps trying to catch a fish in the stream. The fish swims off a few feet, turns around and laughs at the bear.

This happens several times.

The bear gets angry at first, but after 3 or 4 times he gets his feelings hurt and questions his ability to provide food.

Try two approaches with this one.  Continue reading

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